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[News] The Online citizen (10 Apr 2015)
"68 illegal dorms "discovered" in Geylang – only tip of the iceberg?"

[News] The Strait Times (07 Apr 2015)
"Take action before more die in dorm fires"

[News] Channel News Asia (06 Apr 2015)
"Rise in cases of unauthorised use of private residential properties: URA"

[News] AsiaOne (02 Feb 2015)
"More Caught for Illegally Converting Properties to Workers' Dormitories"

[News] AsiaOne (23 Aug 2014)
"Move Beyond Dollars and Cents for Our Guest Workers"

[News] AsiaOne (10 Aug 2014)
"Cinema, Cricket Field at Biggest Dormitory"

[News] Channel News Asia (07 Jul 2014)
"Two-prolonged Approach to Managing Foreign Workers: Tan Chuan-Jin"

[News] TODAY online (19 Apr 2014)
"New Rules for Larger Foreign Worker Dorms Could be Introduced 'in a Few Months'"

[News] TODAY online (23 Dec 2013)
"Dorms Mull Measures to Cope with Organising Weekend Activities for Residents"

[News] The Strait Times (18 Dec 2012)
"Dormitory Operators Unite to Raise Standards"

[News] AsiaOne (18 Dec 2012)
"Big Dorm Operators Adopt Benchmarks"

[News] TODAY online (18 Dec 2012)
"Dorm Operators Set Benchmarks to Improve Living Standards"

[News] The Strait Times (17 Dec 2012)
"Foreign Labour Crunch Results in Shortage of Cleaners"

[News] Channel News Asia (17 Dec 2012)
"Foreign Workers' Dormitories Could be Accredited"