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Crest Capital made its foray into the worker accommodation business in Singapore since 2007 using a 100%-owned subsidiary,Crest Industrial Holdings Pte Ltd. After acquiring the first housing facilities in Eunos, Crest Capital expanded and build new facilities in Pulau Brani and Tuas bringing total capacity to house almost 22,000 workers at its peak. It was amongst the first dormitory group awarded ISO9000 certificate as well as building the first Greenmark award in worker dormitory by Singapore's Building and Construction Authority. Eventually, being dedicated to accommodating the workers for building the Sentosa integrated resort,Pulau Brani was closed with the completion of the resort project. By 2012, the other 2 dormitories were also separately divested.

Crest Capital came into an opportunity to re-start this business with the acquisition of the North Coast Lodge 9,000-pax dormitory in 2015. The dormitory asset is held under Crest Industrial Holdings II Pte Ltd, a Singapore incorporated special purpose vehicle which is also chartered with the mission of developing the accommodation/hospitality business into other sectors. This investment theme is favoured as it provides opportunity for Crest Capital’s funds to achieve their impact investing objectives.