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Crest Industrial Holdings II Pte Ltd has embarked on the business of building and operating foreign workers' dormitory. There is a strong business case for this venture, in the light of a severe shortage of bed spaces in Singapore to house the growing foreign workers' population, which is necessary to help deliver the huge pipeline of building and infrastructural projects to meet the nation's needs for economic growth and enhanced liveability.

North Coast Lodge

More specifically, the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore has awarded a contract in August 2013 to design, build and operate a foreign workers' dormitory on a 3+3+3 year lease. Also known as the North Coast Lodge, this purpose-built dormitory will be able to house 9,000 foreign construction workers. In addition to the living domain, there will also be recreational amenities, such as multi-function rooms, reading/TV rooms, indoor gymnasium, outdoor fitness corners and games courts for the residents to use. There will also be 900m² of commercial space which include a minimart, canteen, barber shop, handphone shop, etc. These commercial amenities will not only serve the dormitory residents, but will also be accessible to the public.

North Coast Lodge was designed by a team of architect and consultants, with the building and civil works carried out by the main contractor. Crest Industrial Holdings II Pte Ltd is operating the North Coast Lodge through outsourcing the operation to a third-party operator. The dormitory business is expected to bring in an additional and steady income stream to the company.

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